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Israel wants 20 new military helicopters

Consider agreement with USA for Apache or next generation aircraft

Israel Defense Forces (IDF), that is the Israeli armed forces (army, navy, air force), are evaluating the purchase of new US-made helicopters by 2025 to modernize the military aircraft fleet. In particular, Tel Aviv's defense ministry could acquire old-generation Apache-type rotorcraft to update it or a most recent version of the aircraft.

This is what the Israeli newspaper "The Jerusalem Post" reports, which cites sources within the armed forces. What seems certain is that Israel must phase out 24 old Apache "Patan" military helicopters. These aircraft will be replaced by new acquisitions of American production: they could be the Apache "Delta" version to be updated (just taken out of service) or alternatively the new Apache model "Echo".

On the other hand, the purchase of technologically advanced aircraft such as the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (Fara), which are still in production and will only be available at the beginning of 2030, seems to be an unlikely option. The purchase and sale of this aircraft implies not only a long wait, but also high costs to get hold of technologies, which then require years of training and to be implemented.

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