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Australia: ships will mount cruise missiles

Purchased over 200 American-made Tomahawk

The Defense Minister of Australia announced today the acquisition of more than 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles, intended to equip navy ships. Another 60 extended-range anti-radiation guided missiles will instead be mounted on Boeing E/A-18 Growler fighters and on F/A-18 Super Hornet. The value of the deal is around 1.6 billion euros. The goal is to discourage potential adversaries, starting with China, from trespassing or invading Australian territory.

"The purchase of long-range missiles shows that our government is moving quickly to implement the recommendations of the latest Strategic Defense Assessment. We are investing in the capabilities military strength needs to keep adversaries at bay and keep them safe Australians in the complex and uncertain world we live in today", said Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles.

Tomahawk cruise missiles are produced by the American company Raytheon and are capable of hitting targets located at a distance of 1500 km with extreme precision. They will be deployed aboard Hobart-class anti-aircraft warfare destroyers. This sale makes Australia the third Nation to secure this powerful armament, after the USA and the UK.

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