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Korean Air will weigh passengers

Temporary operation to evaluate compliance with ministerial standards

The South Korean air carrier Korean Air has communicated that from now on it will weigh, in addition to the luggage, also its passengers embarked on domestic and international flights. This is a temporary operation whose objective is to carry out detailed analyzes for the purpose of monitoring aviation safety and fuel economy. The company has ensured that it will not apply a surcharge to those carrying items to boarding. 

It was reported by the national media "Korea Times". This initiative is limited to travellers who board domestic flights at Seoul-Gimpo Airport (August 28 to September 6, 2023) and passengers who book international flights at Seoul-Incheon Airport (September 8 to 19, 2023). Customers will be able to communicate that they do not wish to participate in the surveys, without being penalised. 

This is an initiative linked to the fact that the South Korean ministry of Infrastructure and transport requires companies to measure the standard weights of passengers at least every five years or as needed, to calculate average values. The assessment of compliance with aircraft weight and balance management standards aims to reduce fuel consumption with potential savings of approximately one billion euros per year.

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