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ITA-Lufthansa: Italy-Brussels tensions

Meloni Government presses European antitrust to get the green light for airline privatization

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, points the finger at the European Commission regarding the ITA Airways-Lufthansa agreement, which provides for the privatization of the national carrier. The premier spoke about it yesterday at the G20 summit, which took place on 9 and 10 September 2023 in New Delhi, India. Rome's aim is to obtain the green light from the European antitrust as soon as possible, overcoming the current stalemate.

The Italian Prime Minister explained: "It is curious that the Commission is blocking the solution to the ITA problem. After having asked for years to look for one, when we find it it stops it. We would like an answer. The question was submitted by Giancarlo Giorgetti (Minister of Economy, Editor's note) to Paolo Gentiloni (European commissioner for the Economy, Editor's note)", to whom the Italian Government openly asked for "extra attention" for his country.

The reply from Brussels is harsh: "We have not yet received any notification" on the agreement, which "is up to the parties" involved in the agreement. That is the airlines ITA and Lufthansa. However, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance specifies that "a pre-notification phase" has already been started and that the European Competition Commission, led by Margrethe Vestager, is carrying out "the investigation very meticulously".

Meanwhile, Gentiloni spoke about the ITA-Lufthansa deal with the German finance minister, Christian Lindner. However, a "surprise" document leaks from his office, due to the fact that a public request for interest in a dossier, which is not the responsibility of the Italian commissioner, causes a stiffening of those who are following the operation, therefore defined as a grammatical error institutional "counterproductive". 

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