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Copenhagen Airport optimizes baggage handling

Faster check-ins and precise tracking with optical recognition

The management company Københavns Lufthavne of the Copenhagen-Kastrup International Airport is carrying out an optimization procedure for the baggage handling system. The aim is to maximize the number of bags and trolleys monitored every hour, thus encouraging the growth of the airport's capacity, without adding new systems. The result? Faster check-ins and precise tracking with optical recognition.

"The main baggage handling facility went into operation in 1996. Previously we optimized its use by combining management strategies and algorithms. Now we have maximized its capacity not only through technical solutions, but by introducing morning meetings in which to evaluate daily performance , share information, coordinate maintenance and projects to be carried out", explained Samuel í Hjøllum Rude, director of the Danish airport, interviewed by the "International Airport Review" magazine.

"The infrastructure -he added- is based on conveyor belts. It has an Early Baggage storage System (EBS) on the lane and two double stack inclined tray sorting machines, with modernized sorters with systems of high level control. On the arrival side, however, we have six belts available". Now "meetings" "help us build a data-driven culture from which we draw our solutions".

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