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India modernizes military fleets

Army will receive first new generation aircraft in 2024-2025

India is pursuing the modernization of its military aircraft fleet. The program envisages the decommissioning starting from 2027 of the "Cheetah" rotary wing aircraft developed by the national company Hindustan Aeronautics (based on the SA-315B "Lama" model of the French Aérospatiale) and in service since 1971, and of the "Chetak" multifunction helicopters, also made by the Indian company (modeled on the Alouette III of the French Aérospatiale), in service since 1960.

The Indian Army currently has 190 "Cheetah", "Chetak" and "Cheetal" aircraft (compared to 246 initially in service). The majority of these vehicles (around 130 out of 190) are aged between 30 and 50 years. Then considering the vehicles stopped to carry out the numerous and constant maintenance interventions, there is a shortage of approximately -37% of helicopters in the military fleet. 

New Delhi's objective is to replace the old aircraft with new Hal-Luh helicopters (Light Utility Helicopters) produced by the Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics in 12 variants, to meet the various needs of the national armed forces.

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