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IATA: progress towards Aviation Industry’s Commitment to passengers with disabilities

According to its 2023 survey; 80% of travellers using special assistance services

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced the results of its 2023 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) related to accessibility of air transport to passengers with disabilities, showing significant satisfaction levels among passengers who used special assistance services. 80% of travellers using special assistance services said that their expectations were met.
The survey also aligned with airline experience that more travelers than ever are requesting assistance. With aging populations in many key air transport markets, this trend is likely to continue, and aviation, like many other industries, will struggle to find the resources needed to cater to this important demographic.

Critical need for Clear Information 

The survey also highlighted website accessibility as an area for improvement. Twenty percent of travelers highlighted that improved website accessibility for booking and reservations should be a priority. 
 Recognizing this, IATA has recently issued guidance material on ensuring airline websites provide easy access to all necessary information for travelers with disabilities. With the aim to ensure equal access for all passengers, this includes: 
developing a user-friendly gateway to the dedicated accessibility area of airlines' websites; 

clarifying the criteria for assistance entitlement; 

emphasizing the importance of passengers requesting assistance early, preferably during the booking process. 
The guidance stresses a streamlined approach, enabling travelers with disabilities to access crucial information with just one click from the homepage. It provides best practices on creating clear and intuitive information pathways on airline websites for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, ensuring they have direct access to essential details about air travel arrangements and passenger rights.

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