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ReportUSA launches 59 missiles against military base in Syria. Aircraft and infrastructures were hit. Russia suspends memorandum with US on Syria

Washington, USA - Trump's Tomahawks hit the Assad's base from where the Syrian military operation with chemical weapons of last Tuesday in Idlib probably started

59 Tomahawk missiles where launched last night by the United States against the Al Shayrat military base in Syria. The attack happened at about 3:40 am (local time). Aircraft, arsenals and airfield infrastructures... more

ReportPlanes and industry. 82 notifications to people under investigation: Italian Financial Police controls the account books of Finmeccanica

Rome, Italy - The behaviour of managers and employees who are accused to misappropriate money and dodge taxes is under investigation

82 people -managers and employees of Finmeccanica- would have misappropriated resources of the company between 2008 and 2014: this is what the Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza, GdF) of Rome (Italy)... more

ReportThe plane of discord. Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Holland become more and more fiery

Istanbul, Turkey - The reaction of Turkish President Erdogan does not stop, after that two of his ministers who wanted to attend electoral meetings in Rotterdam were drived back

We do not know if Dutch authority imagined such a serious diplomatic reaction when on last Saturday denied landing in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to the plane of the Turkish Foreign Affair Minister Mevlut... more

ReportPlanes and immigration. Appeal Court rejects Trump's request, people hurry up to enter USA

Washington, USA - A federal judge suspended his executive order and the Department of Justice lodged appeal: now the Court asks to advocate the reasons of the presidential decision

It's a race against time to boarding planes to USA after that yesterday the Appeal Court rejected the request by the United States Department of Justice against the decision of the federal judge from Seattle... more