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AirlinesPlanes and crisis. CFO of Lufthansa about Alitalia: we do not want to buy it

Rome, Italy - This is the position of the German Group according to what was said in a conference call today. The possibility had been rumored by media and "hoped" yesterday by Italian Minister Calenda

The possibility that Lufthansa might be interested in buying Alitalia had been rumored so much by Italian media that yesterday the Italian Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda, being asked on... more

AirlinesPlanes Alitalia (2). Poletti: to guarantee a continuity without that the airlines become an expense for citizens

Rome, Italy - The Italian Minister of Labour tells about the company in a radio interview: if shareholders will confirm the decision of the BoD it will be a duty of the special commissioners to study its future chances

The Italian Minister of Labour Giuliano Poletti confirms what he recently said and at the moment excludes that Alitalia might be nationalized. In a radio interview at the Rai show "Radio anch'io" Poletti... more

AirlinesAirplanes and Alitalia. Italian PM Gentiloni: disappointed for the missed opportunity, there aren't the conditions to nationalize

Benevento, Italy - The Italian Prime Minister on a visit in the Campania Region confirms the Government's committment to citizens, users and taxpayers. Now it is more difficult to take up the challenge

"I can't be silent about my concern for what is happening in these hours to an important Italian company as Alitalia", the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said this morning, commenting the situation... more

AirlinesPlanes and Alitalia. The president of Intesa Sanpaolo: the bank is willing to support the airline even if it is not pleased with the investment

Milan, Italy - Gros-Pietro believes that the company is important for the good of the Country and trusts Etihad for its relaunch

Being questioned today on the occasion of an event in Milan, the president of Intesa Sanpaolo Gian Maria Gros-Pietro said that he understands the disappointment that the CEO of Unicredit Jean Pierre Mustier... more

AirlinesPlanes and Alitalia. Minister Calenda: Italian Government does not want to replace private partners, no to nationalization

Rome, Italy - If workers will reject the pre-agreement by the referendum Alitalia would be liquidated, according to Italian Minister of Economic Development

"If the agreement will be rejected, investors would move away" Italian Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda said when he was interviewed about the referendum by the means of which the employees... more