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ReportLibya. Italian Minister Mogherini chairs coordination table with Embassy and Crisis Unit: aircraft for return of Italians and others in the next days

Rome, Italy - On the request of some governments, Italy has also arranged for the departure of 30 persons of other nationalities

In response to the worsening crisis in Libya, Minister for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini chaired a coordination meeting yesterday evening with our embassy and the foreign ministry Crisis Unit. The... more

ReportUkraine. Italian Minister Mogherini: the new sanctions send a strong signal to Russia

Rome, Italy - "The Malaysia Airlines tragedy should have prompted the Russian authorities to at last respect, through concrete acts, the repeated commitments made in recent months. But that did not happen”

The new sanctions approved yesterday in Brussels send a strong, unified signal to Russia to keep to the commitments made in recent months. This was the view of Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, who... more