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SecurityWaterquake in the South-East Asia: more than 2200 victims and 6100 missing people among the foreigners in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand - It would have been unveiled by Thai Government and many European countries would appear to fear such figures are not far off the truth

Thai Government unveiled recently that the number of casualties among the foreign tourists in the country following the seaquake is likely to be a large one and for more than 2200 persons, while the missing... more

SecurityWaterquake in the South-East Asia: Italian Civil Defence effectuates air inspection in Sri Lanka

Rome, Italy - On board of the plane Agostino Miozzo (Director of the office related to voluntary of the Italian Civil Defence Department) in order to effectuate a report about the situation

"Currently we do not have indications about wether to meet Italian tourists. It is on an air inspection of Miozzo, (Civil Defence's responsible), along the the Sri Lanka's coasts [...] There are still... more

SecurityWaterquake in the South-East Asia: criticism against Indian Government due to the new tsunami alarm and New Dheli gave the lie

New Dheli, India - Sri Lanka does not intend to generate panic among people while reassurances were delivered even from the Western countries

The warning signal called by New Dheli's Government last night about the possible arrival of a new seaquake able to reach India's coast, and even the ones of the other neighbour states already hit by the... more